Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ok, I am almost finished with the challenge post thrown down by Kemp, btw thanks Kemp. If nothing else it helps me get through the writers block and pass this time at this time of the year.

But I notice I slacked on my song postings. So in order to play catch up I will post the past few days worth of songs.

Saturday: "The Coast is Clear" by Scotty Emerick (Great song- I picture myself on that beach...)

Sunday: "Wild Wild West" by Will Smith

Monday: "XXL" by Keith Anderson (I think this is going to be my theme song!)

Tuesday: "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroqai

Tonight I pick up my son and will have him with me until late Christmas morning. So please forgive me if I do not post these daily. You all know how much I love being a dad and spending time with my son.



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