Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday....Yippie! (and songs)

It's Friday! End of the work week, time to spend 2 days relaxing. I have my son for the weekend (which is a great thing all by itself !) and one of my sister in-laws is having a combination birthday party (for her youngest) and family Christmas cookie bake. My son and I are also planning on going to see a movie with a friend and her kids. So overall it is going to be a good weekend.

Those of you who read my other blog are also familiar with my best friend Kemp and his blog. Well Kemp has been suffering from writers block also...sound familiar? So Sarah essentially "tagged" him with a challenge, which he has now "tagged" me with. (Thanks a lot Sarah!...just kidding, it's great to have cyber friends reach out and lend a hand.)

So now after my son goes to bed this weekend I will be working on the 'tag' project and passing it along. Kemp also did a list of 100...which, as I told him was a sort of 'unofficial challenge' so I have two projects to work on... I will have at least one of them done and posted this weekend. The other is a little more difficult and may take a day or two longer. So keep coming back and we will get through this together...ok, I'll get through it, you can relax and laugh at my postings.

Finally, the song of the day. Today there are two songs as both of them were going through my head.

"I Left Something Turned On At Home" - Trace Adkins

"Tequila Make Her Clothes Fall Off" - Joe Nichols

Well, I am writing a little more consistently, which is good. I haven't yet noticed a pattern with the songs, other than they are mostly country artists, which is what I mainly listen to so that is not really a surprise. Although I do listen to pretty much everything (especially 80's)

If you see a pattern developing, let me know. After all I am a guy and we do sometimes miss the obvious.



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