Saturday, November 12, 2005

A reflection on loss

My youngest brother and his wife just had their first child last month and my sister had her second child last week. I am extremely happy for all of them and am proud to once again be an uncle x 2 (total is now 6 and step-uncle to 1), but the recent births bring back a flood of memories. I also just heard the song 'Who you'd be today' by Kenny Chesney and it really hits home.

So this weekend will be one of quiet reflection for me. Sure I will be busy with things around the house and outside. But I will also stop and be grateful for the wonderful son that I have and also remember the son that I lost.

Nine years ago on November 13 th, my second child was stillborn. My wife (now my ex) had become ill and unbeknownst to us the virus attacked the baby. I still remember how he looked holding him after the delivery. So small and so peaceful.

So I will take some moments to remember him and wonder who he would be today. Then I will smile knowing that I have a great son who makes me proud to be a dad. It may not be my weekend with him, but I will call him to hear how his weekend is going and tell him that I love him.


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