Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Sporadic Blogging

Ok, once again some of you are wondering the hell I have been, and I know others will be saying I don't realy give a sh*t where you have been....for those of you who care, I will tell you.

Those of you who have read my blog before know that I have a 13 year old son, what you may not know is that for the past 3 or 4 years he has had occasional bouts of severe abdominal pain. Within the past 6 or 7 months his pain has gotten worse and more frequent.

Two months ago, he started having even more frequent bouts and he was seen by a specialist who performed some biospies. Those results were said to be normal, however two weeks ago he ended up in the emergency room and was admitted due to the pain putting him in a fetal position for hours. Last week while on Christmas break he had 3 days where the pain kept him from being able to get out of the apartment and do something fun.

This past Sunday morning he woke up and started having pain within 15 minutes. A call to the doctor sent us to the emergency room as the pain meds were not working.

So Sunday afternoon we were once again admitted and we spent New Years Eve in the hospital. On Monday they had him on a clear fluid diet and he was doing well. So in the afternoon they were gettting ready to discharge him and wanted to him eat a normal meal. Well within 5 minutes of eating he was in sever pain, so they kept him overnight again and yesterday they transferred him from our suburban hospital to one of the largest hospitals downtown.

As of now he is doing much better. This evening he was transferred from ICU to a regular room.

I have been functioning on about 11 hours of sleep over the past 84 or so hours.... I got about 4 hours of sleep last night though so I am feeling a little better but still tired. As I said, he has been in the hospital since sunday afternoon and I have spent every night with him. Monday night he offered that I could go home and try to get some sleep, but he also told me that he was sad and scared. I knew that I would not be able to go home and sleep while he was laying in the hospital. (I guess I take my job as a parent seriously...)

My ex-wife came by to see him for a couple of hours for the first time last night and then she decided to come down during the day today and stay with him for the afternoon.

Woop de do, she has spent a total of 8 hours with him since coming into either hospital....

They are planning a couple of tests for him tomorrow morning and hopefully they will have some answers tomorrow afternoon. It would be great if they could definitively tell us what is happening and either fix it, or treat it. He would be extremely happy if he could come home tomorrow.

So that is what has been taking up my time for the past few months. Hopefully an answer will be found soon for my sons sake.

Thanks for bearing with me, and thanks for understanding if this post is somewhat rambling and a little off my usual style.

Need sleep, need sleep.....


Monday, November 06, 2006

V-O-T-E !

There’s less than 24 hours to go and while many politicians (and Liberals) are contemplating sedatives (if not something stronger) there is an election tomorrow and we at TBWA want everyone to get out and vote…

You can’t vote by sitting in front of your computer (at least not yet).

And you can’t vote by sitting on your couch at home…unless of course you have an absentee ballot.

You have to go to your respective polling place and pull the lever, punch the chad, push the button, scan the optic or fill-in the oval (which one of those do you think sounds sexual?).

In short; you must vote.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, republican, Independent, Libertarian, Communist, Green or even a Mickey Mouse party fan… you must get out and vote.

If you think your ballot is worthless and doesn’t carry any weight you’re wrong.

According to The Voters Paradox by Leon Felkins and Mack Tanner the importance of any single vote declines the more voters as having made a rational decision.

The other side of the coin says that with fewer voters, the influence of an individual’s vote rises. Furthermore, if you don’t’ vote, you’re allowing others to speak for you… and that ain’t right.

You want another reason? Voting is a profound statement of our democracy, a birthright if you will, that no one, absolutely no one, should take for granted and ignore.

Every voice counts.

Every opinion counts.

Every vote counts.

So get your ass out to the polls and vote tomorrow.

Now… if you want to use your own brain and make an informed decision that will help our country, then vote Democratic.

If you want to screw the country with it’s collective pants on while maintaining the status quo, then vote republican.

If you feel guilty and want to vote your conscience while drinking coffee from a styrofoam cup, vote Green party.

If you want to vote with an eye on common ownership, vote Communist.

If you want to vote with an eye towards being free to do whatever you want, vote Libertarian.

However you decide to vote… just vote.

As so elequantly worded and cross posted on my poli-blog by my friend and colleague, Kemp.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Does Ex-Lax work on Blogstipation???

If so, I need a horse sized dose.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another year older....

43 years ago today, I was born.

Here I am at what is the prime of my the beginning of a fresh start.

Days like this give me a chance to pause and reflect on my life. I am going to look at the positives.

  • I have a wonderful son
  • I have a great family
  • I have a few good friends
  • I have a chance to make things better the second time around

So nothing dramatic, I can't think of anything else at the moment. Just going to relax and spend the day with my son.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'll tell you where I have been...

My last post was on May 24th.... and you may be asking yourself, "Where the hell has Scott been?" or you may have given up on me ever posting again.

As to where I have been, well I have been working, moving into my new apartment, having moved items it is then a necessity to organize and put things where they belong, going to family gatherings and friends birthdays, and last but not least, spending a lot of time with my son. So other than the occasional post on my poli-blog that I co-author with my best friend Kemp, I have not had much time to post.

Plus the kicker is that about 6 or 7 weeks ago my employer blocked access to all Blogs or sites that allow feedback/commentary. I can't even look at comments or stats let alone post.

Have no fear, things are getting put away and I am getting into a routine, so the posts will become more frequent.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck around!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wisdom from Lola x 2

I was spending some time with Lola at the office and hit shuffle to see what wisdom she would throw at me. She had two songs that somehow just seemed appropriate. "Just Cruisin" by Will Smith and "Work in Progress" by Alan Jackson.

Just Crusin by Will Smith
- - - - - - - - - - -

Intro, the maestro, nice flow
Hot like nitro.. cool as ice though
That type of dichotomy, y'all know it's gotta be
Who else could it be BUT me?
Rub your eyes, behold the Big Williest
dream supreme beam straight from Philly it's the
eclectic female attractor
Rapper slash actor, right back at ya
And to the next millenium
many come but few are chosen
See me servin like the U.S. Open
Another type of hustler listed at Blockbuster
.. go and ask a movie usher

Who is he? He or she - SFP
Movies, CD's, and TV's, but uh-uh
cause today I take a break from that
as I roll where a tank of gas'll take me at

I used to rock these red Iroq Z's
Now I rock the MB's with the twelves and V's
Today, sun high.. up in the sky
From N.Y. la la to M.I., just cruising

Where, baby, I don't care (just cruisin)
As long as you take me there (just cruisin)
Somewhere to clear my mind (just cruisin)
Just cruising

Zero to sixty, flossin - 90 degrees
Sony cartridges, ten CD's each
Reach to the beach, Southside leanin

It ain't often I'm off and I'm feenin for the -
- top down, drop down got me hot now
Heated up can't stop now
What up cutie wop? Sure sure is cookin yo
I know I'm spoken for, can't hurt lookin though

Pop CD's, B-I-G's, then Tupac's
While cruisin the blocks, hittin the hot spots
Got my celly on O-F-F
Golden Arches got my belly goin oh yes yes
So let's just - ease on down ease on down the road

No pager on my hip as I'm rollin my whip
Cause today I'm on the solo creep
Man, why you think I be workin so hard all week?
I'm just cruisin

Where, baby, I don't care (just cruisin)
As long as you take me there (just cruisin)
Somewhere to clear my mind (just cruisin)
Just cruisin (I'm just cruisin)
Where, baby, I don't care (just cruisin)
As long as you take me there (just cruisin)
Somewhere to clear my mind (just cruisin)
Just cruisin

Sun settin in the S-K-Y
Must say I've had the best day I'm..
tryin to find a exit, a place to chill
Not too hectic, so I can spend some time with Will

Let the, sunshine to the moonlight clear my mind
Soul search, see what I find
If I'm bein the best lover and friend
Am I being the best daddy I can?

I pray I am, and I feel good today
Reminisce as I'm cruisin around the way
Roll tight past the park where I used to play
Can't think of a better way to spend my day

Uh, still findin my way, still growin
Petrol blowin, moon soon showin
Gots to get goin, losin the light
And "The Freaks Come Out at Night," right
Just cruising

Where, baby, I don't care (just cruisin)
As long as you take me there (just cruisin)
Somewhere to clear my mind (just cruisin)
Just cruisin (I'm just cruisin)
Where, baby, I don't care (I’m just cruisin)
As long as you take me there (just cruisin)
Somewhere to clear my mind (just cruisin)
Just cruisin

Work in Progress by Alan Jackson
- - - - - - - - - - -
Okay, I forgot about the trash,
I didn't trim the long hairs on my moustache.
I did buy you a ring; I believe it was back in '93.
Alright, I admit it; I forgot our anniversary.
I did pick up the baby this morning at the nursery.
That ain't no big thing; It's a gold star for me.

You get tired and disgusted with me,
When I can't be just what you want me to be.
I still love you and I try real hard.
I swear, one day, you'll have a brand new car.
I even asked the Lord to try to help me:
He looked down from Heaven, said to tell you please;
Just be patient, I'm a work in progress.

I'm sorry I got mad, waitin' in the truck;
It seemed like hours, you gettin' all dressed up,
Just to go to Shoney's on a Wednesday night.
I read that book you gave me about Mars and Venus;
I think it's sinkin' in but I probably need to re read it,
But I'm starting to see now, what you been saying is right.

You get tired and disgusted with me,
When I can't be just what you want me to be.
I still love you and I try real hard.
I swear, one day, you'll have a brand new car.
I even asked the Lord to try to help me:
He looked down from Heaven, said to tell you please;
Just be patient, I'm a work in progress.

I know you meant well when you bought me those clogs,
But my heels get hot down by the muffler on my hog.
I'm sure they're stylish, but I'll take my boots.
I try to do that health thing like you want me to do,
But that low-fat, no fat's gettin' hard to chew.
Now, I love your cookin', honey,
But sometimes, I need some real food.

You get tired and disgusted with me,
When I can't be just what you want me to be.
I still love you and I try real hard.
I swear, one day, you'll have a brand new car.
I even asked the Lord to try to help me:
He looked down from Heaven, said to tell you please;
Just be patient, I'm a work in progress.

Oh honey, just be patient, now,
I'm a work in progress.

Oh, I need a major tune up.
Maybe a full, body-off, restoration.
I’m tore up.

Now, in my defense, during the time I was married I did take out the trash (plus cooking, dishes, vacuuming, etc.), I never forgot a birthday or anniversary and I did help out with taking care of our son, even when he was a baby.

Now that I am single, a little older and a little wiser I try to find some time with 'Scott' and do some soul searchin which is normally while I am driving my 11 hours a week behind the wheel. Always among the thoughts is if "I am being the best daddy I can?" as the song says, "I pray I am."

However as a guy I understand that I have room for improvement in other areas, so please.... just be patient, I'm a work in progress.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Is there a Chiropractor in the house ?

Yesterday was the official 'moving day' into the new apartment. I have been taking boxes over from the storage unit and from my folks house for the past two weeks, but yesterday was the furniture.

I rented a big (24 foot) U-Haul truck and moved myself. Couch, recliner, boxes, tables, bookcases, dressers, more boxes, entertainment center and a huge television... (36' Sony WEGA that weighs abotu 250 pounds !) and all this was carried up to a second floor apartment.

I had my son, my parents, my 2 brothers, a friend and her daughter, and two 'moving guys' that I hired from a local moving agency. I only had family and friends on the loading end. So at the apartment we let the agency guys carry the heavy stuff.

Everything went much smoother than I thought. (I plan well, but I still sweat the details)

My mom and my friend brought lunch, snacks and drinks. At the end of the day everyone went home and collapsed, but at least they were well fed.

Now I just have to unpack, organize and get things set up. Give me a couple of weeks and it will feel like home.

As for the Chiropractor, that would be my youngest brother. But I think he was also hurting a little himself at the end of the day. I'll wait a few weeks and hit him up for an adjustment.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Am I the only one

Does anyone else think that James Blunt sucks as a singer? Obviously here is another who agrees with me

I can't change the radio station quick enough when one of his irritating 'tunes' comes on.

He must have written "Goodbye my Lover" after a girl walked out on him after he sang "You're Beautiful" to her on a date.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Does rain bring out the idiots or are they always there and the rain just brings the idiot to the surface?

Ok, I am working like crazy, moving into a new apartment and my grandmother just had a stroke at the end of last week. So I have been just a tad bit busy and have not had time to post. However this mornings drive into work pissed me off and I just had to post something real quick.

I left the house this morning to drive to work and it took me over 45 minutes to make what is normally a 25 to 30 minute drive.... why? Because it was drizzling!

A little rain and wet pavement and people lose their friggin minds and drive below the speed limit. Of course there are more accidents.... it's the slow scared out of their minds people that cause the accidents to occur. They are driving 45-50 in the left or center lane on the highway.

I travel on a highway with 3 lanes in each direction and on a normal day traffic is moving along at 55-60 and there is little congestion. However this morning it was 35-45 and just short of being bumper to bumper. I fully expected that there was an accident a few miles up ahead that was slowing everything down.

That would have been to easy an answer. Nope the culprit was a little moisture. Put a light drizzle on the road and the people who are afraid to drive on a clear, dry, sunny day become freakishly frightened assholes. They drive in the left and center lanes 10-15 miles below the posted speed limit with a death grip on the steering wheel and a look of sheer terror on their faces.

On suburban 4 lane roads they are again driving 5 to 10 miles below the speed limit and even though they are already going slow and messing up the flow of traffic, they have to brake and slow even down even more a mile before a turn.

A good many of these accidents are cars that have been hit from behind and spun around. Why? Beacuse they have been hit by someone who was driving 'normally'.

These slow people do not drive with their foot on the brake pedal or with their flashers on to show those around them that they are literally crapping in their pants and that everyone else should watch out as they may do something else stupid that could affect hundreds of other drivers within 5 miles. No they just creep along impeding the flow of traffic and when some driver comes up behind them driving normally they freak out even more and hit their brakes or worse take their foot off the gas without hitting their brakes and those behind them are forced into reactive situations that lead to accidents.

Here are some tips for the assholes-
  • If your car does not have good traction in wet weather..... get some new tires!
  • If you are afraid of driving in the in the right lane or car pool or just stay home.
  • If you are afraid of driving even when it is a clear, dry, sunny day.... stay off the road...period!

Get a job closer to where you live and ride a bike or walk, or take public transportation. Or get a job where you can telecommute and work from home.

Don't whine about your right to drive, driving is a PRIVILEGE not a right. Leave it to those of us who know how.

Every time a group of cars could get past one of these rainy day freaks you could see a look of relief come over the faces of all the drivers. That is until we came up on another rainy day freak....

I let off a nice road rage type yell in my car as I pulled into the parking lot at work. 8 hours in the office strapped to a desk will be more relaxing than the 45 minutes it took to get there......

Friday, May 05, 2006

Tunes in my head

Many people included my best friend Kemp have talked about the various CD's that they own that they have loaded onto their i-pods or artists that they look forward to buying and loading.

I am coming up on having had Lola for 2 months and I have a number of CD's that I own that I have loaded and listen to.

A Flock of Seagulls
Adam Ant
Alan Jackson
Big & Rich
Bobby Brown
Brian Wilson
Chris Cagle
Darryl Worley
Depeche Mode
Dixie Chicks
Duran Duran
Dwight Yokam
Fleetwood Mac
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Garth Brooks
Gretchen Wilson
Jimmy Buffett
Jedd Hughes
John Denver
John Mayer
Josh Kelley
Kenney Chesney
Maroon 5
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Montgomery Gentry
Pet Shop Boys
Peter Gabriel
Rascal Flatts
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stevie Nicks
Suzanne Vega
Talk Talk
Terence Trent D’Arby
The Three Tenors
Toby Keith
Trace Adkins
Tracy Byrd
Travis Tritt
Veruca Salt
Wang Chung
Will Smith

for humor the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and a bunch of Bill Engvall....