Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quick thought on driving

This morning I am on the tollway driving to the office. I am moving along with traffic and we are all doing about 65 to 70. Up behind me comes a new Mercedes.

Now, it is nearing the end of the morning rush period and there are a lot of cars still on the road. All 3 lanes are filled with cars staggered as they are by speed, spacing, etc.

We are in the left lane and little 'Ms. Mercedes' begins to tailgate. I tap the brakes to get her to put a little more space between us, which she does for about 10 seconds. So as we continue down the road there is no room to just change lanes and let 'Speed Racerette' zip on by. However as we pass cars in the middle lane she continually moves over to the right to see if she has enough room to jump to the right, pass me and zip in front of me. Well there is not, as I said the lanes are full. But she continues on her mission and at least half a dozen times changes into the middle lane only to immediately come back to the left lane as the left is still moving faster.

Now the entire time she is jumping back and forth there is no signaling the lane change. No she just looks like she is driving on an invisible slalom course.

Eventually we pass a number of cars and I can see that the middle lane opens up ahead. Seeing that this opening exists (and that my exit is coming up in a couple of miles) I decide that I am going to move over to the middle lane and let little miss 'brain surgeon' zip on her way (or at least speed up for 300 feet before she hits more traffic...)

So as I was saying, we pass the cars and the middle lanes opens up. Just as I pass the lead car I begin to change lanes while at the same time using my turn signal to indicate that I am changing lanes. Just as I am simultaneously doing this maneuver the Mercedes has stepped on her accelerator and started to change lanes! (again without signaling her lane change)

At this point I move over to the middle as she jerks back to the left. I have my left hand raised inside the car and waving to signify "you're an idiot, what the hell is your problem?!" (no I am not flipping her the 'bird') She obviously sees this gesture as she slows down a little and proceeds to pass me a little more cautiously.

As she passes I look over. She is in her mid to late 30's, has tunnel vision and is staring straight ahead with a blank look of confusion on her face and a death grip on the steering wheel.

Great, another clueless person who has no business driving as she is obviously scared to death and can't even remove her left hand from the wheel long enough to activate the turn signal. And driving a do clueless people end up with money and how did this one get a drivers license?? Can you image what her driving will be like when she is in 20 or 30 years?

Eventually we hit the off-ramp and get on the adjoining tollroad. I can see her up ahead still trying to pass other cars, weaving in and out of lanes, cutting over to the off ramp at the last second cutting off other cars and trucks again without signaling a lane change and barely using her brakes.

10 miles later as I am getting off the tollroad I see her. She is two cars in front of me at the stop-light. So in 15 miles she has almost caused at a minimum 5 possible accidents, pissed off probably about 50 other drivers. All this and she winds up 50 feet in front of me.

After the light changes she turns into a business park.

I hope she was late for her meeting.

Karma baby !


Blogger Kemp said...

People... as a general rule... are idiots...

2:53 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Yep. Remember also to never underestimate the awesome stupidity of people in large numbers. Think back to the two previous presidential elections.

Ok, so 2000 was actually an exercise in turning over total power to the Supreme Court..
You get the gist of where I am going...

3:01 PM  
Blogger peachblossom said...

I am pretty sure that signals have become optional for most idiot drivers on the interstates or for any road for that matter...

7:08 AM  

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