Monday, February 06, 2006

Some random thoughts on the Superbowl

Ok, not so much on the game, but on the things surrounding the game...

  • Bad commercials- Diet Pepsi ads (bland), Cadillac Escalade (boring), Shaq for Desperate Hosewives (stupid), Burger King (for all the hype, the guy that thought that idea up should be fired)
  • Good commericals- Ameriquest: Woman on the plane (made me want to fly somewhere), Ameriquest: Doctors and Fly (just plain funny), Budweiser: Streaking Sheep (made my teenager and I laugh), Career-Builder (monkeys are still funny), Emerald Nuts (gotta love a commerical with swords and druids- very original), Budweiser: Magic Fridge (you knew that was going to happen but it was still funny as hell when it did)
  • Best commercial- Budweiser: Junior Clydsdale trying to pull the wagon (Well done, you wanted to cheer the little guy on)
  • Honorable Mention- Paul McCartney (not exciting, but classy...and that is what you expect from Sir Paul)
  • All the other ads were mediocre at best.
  • Speaking of mediocre, the Stones need a new nickname, how about the Grandfathers of Rock and Roll? I hope Mic gave the clothes back to Kate Moss after the performance.
  • Nice stage for the performance though, they should keep it as they will be able to drive around on their 'Little Rascals' in the next few years.
  • The pre-game 'Dr. Seuss' reading by Harrison Ford was different...strange but good.
  • My son and I made some choc chip cookies prior to the start of the game. Nice treat for half-time.
  • I had not one beer before, during or after the game.
  • We had a non-traditional game dinner, spaghetti.....say what you will but it was good.

The most important thing was that it was fun watching the game with my son and commenting back and forth on everything during the game, commericals and half-time. I may not remember the score or who dropped what play in the years to come, but I will have great memories of another time when he and I spent a few hours together laughing and sharing. That is my favorite part of this years, or any years game!

Two pieces of wisdom that I will share-

  • Spend time with your kids, they grow up way to fast!
  • Think of each day as a chance to make a memory!

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.


p.s.- I lost the bet on the game and owe my son another model. I better get a part time job for next year as he intends to try and continue his winning streak against dear old dad.


Blogger peachblossom said...

Nice blog Scott...
Wise words of do grow up fast. If we don't take time for them we will lose what precious time we have to spend with them before they move on to bigger and better things in their lives. All too soon cars, dating, sports, etc. will consume their lives and if we have not cultivated a good/lasting relationship with our kids, they could easily pull away from us.

I, too, spent the day with my pre-teen daughter. We snuggled on the couch, played cards, ate food (nothing healthy mind you), and talked about anything and everything. We of course watched the game, but had to switch over to Strong Medicine's last episode and then back to the football game.

Make the time to love yourself, your kids, and those who are significant to you. Take care...

8:15 AM  

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