Monday, February 20, 2006

My list of 100

Ok, some people have been asking me "So how's the list of 100 coming along" (thanks Kemp!)

Well it has taken awhile, but here it is, my list of 100......

  1. I am 5’10”
  2. I have put on 60 lbs in the past year as a result of stress, I have a few extra pounds…
  3. My eyes are Hazel
  4. They turn green when I am ‘in the mood’
  5. I wear bi-focals and no one except my family and best friends know
  6. I am blonde
  7. However I am slowly balding (as my son keeps reminding me!)
  8. I married the first woman I slept with
  9. I am divorced after an 18 year marriage
  10. And I am a better person because of it
  11. I have a 13 year old son
  12. I lost a second son at birth
  13. I love being a dad
  14. But I constantly worry if I am doing everything correctly
  15. My relationship with my son has gotten better since the divorce
  16. I am the oldest of 4 children
  17. I wish I was closer with my siblings
  18. I have 7 nieces and nephews
  19. I don’t understand reality shows
  20. I have seen 90-95% of the movies made before 1950
  21. I love Dogs
  22. I am a very good cook
  23. I like to build things with my hands
  24. I miss having that ‘one’ someone special in my life
  25. I think Robin Williams is hilarious
  26. I love Country and 80’s music
  27. I have seen every James Bond film at least 15 - 20 times
  28. I believe in the Right to Bear Arms
  29. I am pro-choice
  30. I am pro death penalty
  31. I lean more to the left politically
  32. I love the beaches of the southeast U.S.
  33. I was born on the cusp of Cancer / Leo. Depending on the newspaper or magazine I read both horoscopes.
  34. If I could do any job I wanted I would be a high school/college history teacher or psychiatrist
  35. I hate tomatoes and onions
  36. I love coffee……let me repeat that, I LOVE COFFEE……
  37. I enjoy a good cigar (especially Cuban…)
  38. I am very funny
  39. I am right handed
  40. I prefer Pepsi over Coke
  41. I am not named after anyone in my family
  42. I love a good scotch
  43. I can do all my own remodeling work
  44. I once took a vacation day from work in order to rearrange the kitchen to have the proper flow
  45. I love classic horror tales
  46. I have never been to Hawaii
  47. I served in the U.S. Army
  48. I can't say no to Dark Chocolate
  49. I have a temper
  50. But only when I am pushed
  51. I think clowns are evil
  52. If I do not have caffeine each morning I get a headache by noon
  53. I collect coffee cups
  54. And antique documents, my oldest is a newspaper from 1718
  55. I am also a World War II history nut
  56. I can finish the phrase ‘Signed, yours truly, ……” (hint -Old Time Radio)
  57. I have a genius level IQ
  58. But my sons is higher than mine!
  59. I can shoot a smiley face on a target with a handgun (think Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon)
  60. If I could live anywhere it would be in an oceanfront home
  61. My first real job was in law enforcement
  62. I know exactly what I would do if I won the lottery
  63. I love walking through forest preserves
  64. I do not understand the appeal of fantasy sports
  65. I would like to learn how to fence (with swords, not selling stolen goods)
  66. I can dance the Polka
  67. I would like to learn how to Salsa and Rumba (all the latin dances)
  68. A distant cousin of mine was the recent President of a European country
  69. I enjoy a good Sherry before bed
  70. I love Salt-Water Aquariums, they are very relaxing
  71. I would like to get remarried
  72. I come with a Pampered Chef dowrey! (Mom works at corporate!)
  73. Snow is over-rated, I could live without it
  74. If common sense was truly common there wouldn’t be a need for my other blog
  75. I believe in a higher power and attend church, but question many aspects of religion and faith
  76. Did I mention that I think questioning authority is a good thing
  77. When I watch a good movie I develop an emotional attachment to the characters
  78. A plot that contains a true love that is lost/sacrificed (man/woman or parent/child) brings a tear to my eye
  79. I miss cars from the 60’, 70’s and 80’s…I could work on those !
  80. I think we need another viable political party, because the two we got just aren’t cutting it
  81. Give me a good movie and a fireplace any night of the week
  82. My son always wanted me to put him to bed when he was younger
  83. If I was on a business trip I called home at bedtime to tuck him in via long-distance
  84. I got my bachelors degree at age 39 via distance learning
  85. When I was in the service my nickname was ‘Gooch” short for ‘Gucci’ as I was always the first to get new things for my uniform, so my platoon thought I was stylin
  86. I can remember things as early as my 3rd birthday
  87. I was in the delivery room when both of my sons were born
  88. The first was a c-section, man did I get an anatomy lesson
  89. I am more comfortable speaking to an audience of 500 strangers than a group of 2 or 3 casual acquaintances
  90. I get about 5 hours of sleep a night
  91. That is because I am a night person
  92. I sneak chocolate chips by the handful from the bag in the kitchen
  93. “Human Sacrifice!, Dogs and Cats Living Together!”
  94. BTW, Ghostbusters was brilliant
  95. I am not lactose intolerant
  96. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
  97. I am a compendium of useless information, like my best friend, therefore people don’t like to play trivial pursuit with me
  98. I am scared of heights
  99. I have great depth perception and can drive through barricades spaced 3-4 inches wider than my car at 60 miles per hour
  100. I love to kiss (and have been told I am very good at it!)
  101. My favorite number is 13
  102. I love pecan pie
  103. I got my ear pierced for my 40th birthday
  104. I prefer hard liquor over beer
  105. I am thankful for my close friends.

Ok, there you have it, 100 (actually 105) things about me. Oh did I mention that I am worth my weight in gold!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Who doesn't love Stewie !?

I love the show "Family Guy", it's one of the funniest and quick witted shows on television. I was watching a couple of episodes (of course I would have them on DVD, what kind of fan would I be if I didn't?) and just had to put up a couple of hilarious quotes involving Stewie.

Lois: What's going on down here?
Stewie: Oh, we're playing house.
Lois: That boy's all tied up.
Stewie: Roman Polanski's house!

Stewie: Cut my eggs!
Butler: [cuts eggs] Your eggs are cut sir.
Stewie: Cut my milk!
Butler: I can't sir, it's liquid.
Stewie: Imbecile! Freeze it, then cut it, and if you question me again I'll put you on diaper detail and I promise I won't make it easy for you.

since I am on a roll, a great Quagmire quote:

Quagmire (running through mall and accidentally into the camera room): Where am I, am I dead?
Security Guard: No, this is where we monitor all the dressing rooms in the mall so we can keep an eye out for shoplifters.(Woman on Monitor has heart attack)
Quagmire: Oh my God! That one's having a heart attack! (Runs to womans dressing room, rubs womans chest and breathes in her mouth. Woman becomes conscious.)
Woman#2: That was amazing!
Woman#3: You saved her life!
Woman#4: Thank God you know CPR!
Quagmire: What the hell is CPR?

Hope you enjoy the Family Guy Quotes as much as I do.

Giggity, Giggity....awww right! Happy Friday!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Some random thoughts on the Superbowl

Ok, not so much on the game, but on the things surrounding the game...

  • Bad commercials- Diet Pepsi ads (bland), Cadillac Escalade (boring), Shaq for Desperate Hosewives (stupid), Burger King (for all the hype, the guy that thought that idea up should be fired)
  • Good commericals- Ameriquest: Woman on the plane (made me want to fly somewhere), Ameriquest: Doctors and Fly (just plain funny), Budweiser: Streaking Sheep (made my teenager and I laugh), Career-Builder (monkeys are still funny), Emerald Nuts (gotta love a commerical with swords and druids- very original), Budweiser: Magic Fridge (you knew that was going to happen but it was still funny as hell when it did)
  • Best commercial- Budweiser: Junior Clydsdale trying to pull the wagon (Well done, you wanted to cheer the little guy on)
  • Honorable Mention- Paul McCartney (not exciting, but classy...and that is what you expect from Sir Paul)
  • All the other ads were mediocre at best.
  • Speaking of mediocre, the Stones need a new nickname, how about the Grandfathers of Rock and Roll? I hope Mic gave the clothes back to Kate Moss after the performance.
  • Nice stage for the performance though, they should keep it as they will be able to drive around on their 'Little Rascals' in the next few years.
  • The pre-game 'Dr. Seuss' reading by Harrison Ford was different...strange but good.
  • My son and I made some choc chip cookies prior to the start of the game. Nice treat for half-time.
  • I had not one beer before, during or after the game.
  • We had a non-traditional game dinner, spaghetti.....say what you will but it was good.

The most important thing was that it was fun watching the game with my son and commenting back and forth on everything during the game, commericals and half-time. I may not remember the score or who dropped what play in the years to come, but I will have great memories of another time when he and I spent a few hours together laughing and sharing. That is my favorite part of this years, or any years game!

Two pieces of wisdom that I will share-

  • Spend time with your kids, they grow up way to fast!
  • Think of each day as a chance to make a memory!

Trust me, you'll be glad you did.


p.s.- I lost the bet on the game and owe my son another model. I better get a part time job for next year as he intends to try and continue his winning streak against dear old dad.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Who would've guessed....

My best friend Kemp posted this on his blog and as I am alwasy looking for a creative way to jump-start my writing 'jones' I thought this was as good as any place to start. Why?....cause we all gotta find a creative spot where we can...mine is just below my left shoulder....a little to the left....lower....that's it...

10 interesting and little known facts about yours truly:

1. Tradition allows women to propose to Scott only during leap years. (Next one is 2008..)
2. Scott cannot regurgitate!
3. Scott is worth his weight in gold - literally! (Sweeet)
4. In the kingdom of Bhutan, all citizens officially become Scott on New Years Day!
5. It took scott 22 years to build the Taj Mahal!
6.Owls cannot move their eyes, because their eyeballs are shaped like Scott.
7. Scott cannot jump.
8. Four-fifths of the surface of Scott is covered in water!
9. The pigment Indian Yellow was manufactured from the urine of cows feed only on Scott!
10. Scott is only six percent water! (The other 94 percent is coffee!)

These amazing facts were provided by "The Mechanical Contrivium" click on the link to find out 10 amazing facts about yourself. When you do, please let all of us know what those facts are by leaving a comment.

Well, hopefully this will get me started posting to this blog once again, instead of only to my other blog.