Saturday, October 08, 2005

A quick post...

First let me apologize to anyone who may be going through withdrawal from the fact that I haven't really been posting lately. (I know that's hard to believe, but hey it could happen..)

I have been very busy with both work, and being a single dad to a 12 year old son. What little time I do have left over has been spent either sleeping (kind of necessary..) or working on the political, nay socially conscious blog created by my myself and my best friend Kemp. In case you have forgotten, the address for that site is if you have a few moments take a look. You may not agree with everything that we have written, however it will most definitely make you think!

While you're at it why don't you also take a look at Kemp's own blog I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Kemp offers opinion and perspective on life, family, parenting twins (not an easy job..), sports (as long as the teams have St. Louis in the name) and pretty much anything that he feels like. Go ahead take a look, you know you want to.....that's it, nice and easy......sorry got distracted..

Well the other reason I am posting is to smile about the White Sox and their 'sweep' of the Red Sox last night... What a game, a 58 minute long 6th inning. I only hope that their appearance in the World Series is just as intense.

Well, I have a fire in the fireplace, a hot cup of coffee and thoughts and contemplations to write up and get ready for posting.

Enjoy the rest of this fine fall day, I am certainly going to try and do the same.


Blogger Kemp said...

Being a Cardinal fan and being at World Series game 4 last year, I was EXTREMELY satisfied of the Pale Hose sweeping the Red Sox...while it doesn't make up for the Cardinals loss to them in the series, it certainly helps...

And thanks for the "blog"-plug Scott. I owe you one.

7:31 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Okay- if you have a 12 year old son we can give you lots of slack time, they are hard work....( I have a 14 yr.old fella)...Okay about the Baseball, ALL I care about is that Yankees be properly elminated. period....and actually it looks like the Astros are the ones to watch-the little team-that-could, I don't know if I can root for a texas team,...( I do indeedy miss the Red Sox)....I was rooting for the Indians- but alas they choked...)Great blog keep at it....stop my humble little blog...,

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes we should give you some slack ...this time only...( I have 3 of those pre-teen/teenagers as well)and a person only has so much time available in their day.
I am not much of a baseball fan but last night's game was pretty good towads the end.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you EVER gonna write again on here??????

10:06 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Yes, I have some stuff that I have been writing and will be positng this weekend..


1:09 PM  

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