Thursday, September 08, 2005

'The Clue'

Here is a quote that I came across on my explorations of the internet.

"Women and cats will do as they please. Men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."

Now most guys who have not yet attained 'the clue' would scoff at this notion that they have no control when it comes to the women in thier lives. However there are those of us who have discovered 'the clue' and this quote makes perfect sense. I shared this with my best friend Kemp, and not one to miss a beat he came back with the only statement that any honest man can, "That is such a true statement that it's almost pathetic". Yep, you can't slip anything past the man. Now I can also honestly say that quote is one of truths on the path to the elusive secret of life.

I am sure that my 'ex' would be surprised at my comments, but then, she never really knew me...except for the fact that I had obtained 'the clue'.

Now you may ask, how do men obtain 'the clue' ? Well you cannnot tell someone how to do it, it is one of those things that one day a light bulb goes on and a guy just gets it! Now don't misunderstand me, not every guy gets 'the clue', some will never get it. Just like some guys will never be able to ask for directions or admit they are wrong. Those are the same guys who will never get 'the clue' . But ladies, rest assured there are many of us who have, and not all of us are married. Keep looking and you will find us, sometimes where you least expect.


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