Friday, September 02, 2005

My first day as a blogger...

Well so much for the work week. It was busy and frustrating at what else is new. So my first day and this is pretty cool. I am hoping that in the coming weeks and months that I will be able to enlighten and entertain you with my ramblings.

I picked up my son for the weekend, and surprisingly he was not ready to go when I got to his mom's house. So I went in the backyard and played with Jessica Autumn Bear (Jessie for short..) she loves it when the Alpha comes over to play, and I just have the best time playing with my puppy.

One day when I have the time I will fill you all in on recent happenings in my life.

Oh I also stopped into the doctors office as they want to run another test. They said that the first test results showed a very high level of Cortisol. I would probably be a poster child for Corti-Slim. I told the nurse that they do not need to run the test again, that the abnormally high levels are accurate, I have enough stress to choke a small elephant!! But they insist on a confirmatory test...oh well... According to the doctor, the excessively high level of cortisol that I have would explain why I have gained weight in the past year despite eating right and exercising.

I am watching Fox News Channel and Bill O'Reilly is talking to Geraldo and the Police Chief of New Orleans and they are describing the situation at the convention center in New Orleans. I cannot believe the conditions that are described and the images that are shown of the human suffering in the Gulf Coast. This is America and what I am hearing and seeing is how you describe a third world country....the lack of response by the federal gvmt is inexcuseable.

"Long is the way, And hard, that out of Hell leads up to light" - John Milton


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